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The World's Most Advanced
Point Of Use Drinking Water System

Now Available With Electrolyte Enhanced Alkaline Water

Give Yourself A Boost

Give yourself a boost with the new 3i[+]! The industry-leading water purification system now satisfies America's trending thirst for enhanced water. Pure Water Technology's 3i[+] incorporates a fifth BOOST filter for the purest pH balanced and electrolyte enhanced water in the marketplace today. It's the Fresher, Healthier, Purer choice!

Island Water Key Benefits

Eliminate the HASSLES and ENVIRONMENTAL impact of bottled water systems and enjoy safer, fresher and better tasting water!

Cut CostsCut your bottled water costs by up to 50%

Boost ProductivityBoost Productivity
Produces energy allowing employees to achieve more in a day's work.

Boost PerformanceBoost Performance
Transports oxygen to all areas of the body, helping employees perform at an optimal level.

Boost HealthBoost Health
Provides essential nutrients the body needs to stay healthy, preventing employee illness.

Boost AttendanceBoost Attendance
Results in healthier employees with less trips to the doctor and more days in the office

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